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Brooklyn Microgrid FAQs


The rooftop panels on Architectural Grille.

Why join Brooklyn Microgrid?

By participating in Brooklyn Microgrid, you are participating in a revolutionary network that will result in economic and environmental benefits for Brooklyn. Brooklyn Microgrid will demonstrate how local solar energy resources can be brought together within one community to create a sustainable, localized energy network. This opportunity also allows solar panel owners earn revenue from their solar systems, making the systems more profitable and encouraging others to install solar panels.


What is the cost of joining Brooklyn Microgrid?

There is currently no cost for Brooklyn Microgrid participants to join.


When can I enroll?

Now!  You can sign up by visiting or contact us at


Is the Brooklyn Microgrid currently live?

No, Brooklyn Microgrid will be launching a “simulated” energy marketplace in early 2019, prior to launching the live marketplace.

How do I participate in the Brooklyn Microgrid simulated marketplace?

In order to participate, you will first need to download the Brooklyn Microgrid app on the Apple or the Google Store. In the app, you will register as a Consumer or a Prosumer. If you are a Prosumer (have solar panels or other distributed energy resources), we will need to install a TAGe G2 and smart meter installed in your home or business before you can participate in the simulated marketplace. These are currently being installed at no cost to participants.

Once your TAGe meter is installed, you will be able to use the Brooklyn Microgrid app to select your energy preferences, and purchase and sell energy through the Brooklyn Microgrid simulated marketplace.


What is a TransActive Grid Element Generation 2 (TAG-e G2)?

A TransActiveGrid Element Generation 2 is a small compute unit that attaches to a smart electricity meter. It connects the data from the smart meter to the local energy marketplace. This provides Brooklyn Microgrid participants with the opportunity to purchase and sell locally generated, renewable energy.

How does the TAG-e communicate to the marketplace?

The TAGe is connected via Ethernet or WiFi to your home or business internet

connection. Data is sent via the internet to the marketplace blockchain.


Who has access to my energy data?

Your data will only be accessible by you and Brooklyn Microgrid. It is stored securely on Brooklyn Microgrid’s blockchain and cloud infrastructure.


How is this data different than the data I receive from my current solar app (e.g. Solar-Edge)?

Your existing solar app most likely provides you with data exclusively on your solar production. Our meters measure the net energy use in your home, or the difference between your home’s energy use and its solar production. This will show you what times you consume electricity from the grid or export green electricity back onto the grid throughout the day.


As a solar panel owner, can I still participate in Brooklyn Microgrid if I use more energy than I produce?

Yes. Right now, the only option available to residential prosumers is net metering - counting electricity sent back to the grid as a credit against your own consumption which is then deducted from your utility bill.

Is Brooklyn Microgrid a business?

Brooklyn Microgrid is a registered benefits corporation, meaning that the company aims to create a positive impact on the environment and society. Brooklyn Microgrid is part of LO3 Energy.  


What role does Con Edison play?

Con Edison plays the important role of maintaining and operating the electrical grid that delivers power and makes the microgrid possible. Brooklyn Microgrid focuses on the supply of electricity; Con Edison continues to provide and charge for distribution services.

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