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  • What is Brooklyn Microgrid (BMG)? BMG is a community-driven initiative that began in the Park Slope and Gowanus communities, Spring of 2016. A Benefit Corporation established by LO3 Energy, the project reimagines the traditional energy grid model, with the concept of a communal energy network. There are hundreds of participants enrolled and testing a digital platform that allows people the opportunity to learn and care about where their energy comes from and whom they pay for that energy. 

  • Why Brooklyn Microgrid now? To seriously address our climate challenges, we must take action on all fronts. To fast track solutions, Brooklyn Microgrid is pushing for a local renewable energy marketplace driven by the very community it will one day service. Energy production and use is the largest source of global greenhouse-gas.

  • Whats Brooklyn Microgrid vision? BMG wants to educate people about where their energy comes from and how they can make a positive impact on lowering energy cost, increasing local resilience and sustainability. BMG wants to empower power to express its willingness to support local-made energy. 

  • What does Brooklyn Microgrid need to be successful in 2019? BMG seeks to harness the buying power of ethically conscience Brooklynites to participate in what is referred to as a simulated energy market-place. This local energy market place aims to demonstrate to regulators that people care about their communities energy future. The simulated market place will gauge people's willingness to pay for locally made renewable energy.

  • How do I participate in the Brooklyn Microgrid project? Click on: Count Me In. Sign-up to learn more about BMG and the people behind it. You'll receive a newsletter and invited to test our marketplace app. We encourage you to attend one of our free monthly meetups or workshops in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Your participation could make all the difference in a study for locally made renewable energy.

"If in the future you find yourself selling your excess solar panel energy to your neighbor via secure blockchain, you'll have one startup's actions on President Street in Brooklyn to thank."

-Fast Company

"This project..., is the first version of a new kind of energy market, operated by consumers, which will change the way we generate and consume electricity."

-New Scientist

The Science behind Brooklyn Microgrid

Through blockchain technology and our own innovative solutions, we’ve developed Exergy, a permissioned data platform that creates localized energy marketplaces for transacting energy across existing grid infrastructure.
We’re just beginning to uncover the potential of the Exergy platform to influence the energy model of the future, and already the possibilities seem endless.


On the Exergy platform, prosumers—generating energy through their own renewable resource—can  transact energy autonomously in near-real time with consumers on the platform in their local marketplace.


A microgrid is an ecosystem of connected prosumer and consumer energy assets. Energy is generated, stored, and transacted locally, creating more efficient, resilient and sustainable communities.


The distributed system operator is granted access to consumer data like building management systems. Using price as a proxy, the Distributed Systems Operator manages energy use, load balancing, and demand response at negotiated rates.

EV Charging

When a charging station—public or private—or an electric vehicle has a surplus of energy, it is made available for purchase on the local network. Consumers can set budgets and be alerted to the availability via mobile app.

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